10 Ideas To Make Twitter Headers That Inspire


When it comes to your Twitter Header you want something that really describes you. Your profile picture is generally a picture of you so it’s not necessary to have another picture as your header. Obviously you can but we think it may be better to find a creative way to show who you are, not just what you look like. If you are new to creating a header here are some basic image design tips directly from:

  • Twitter suggests creating the image at 1200×600 but the image displays at 521×253
  • Keep the image simple so it doesn’t compete with the Twitter Profile Photo, Name, Bio and Website
  • Try a color palette that will contrast with the white text from the Twitter Profile Name, Bio and Website

Some other tips that we came across are think of these questions before creating your Twitter header:

  • Can it express your personality?
  • Can it describe your brand properly?
  • Can you get creative with it?

Here are some examples that may inspire you to have the best Twitter header:

  1. Use a single-colored background. You may not think that this would be effective but using one color in contrast to your profile picture could really make it pop.
  2. Use a photo collage. You can get creative with this method without affecting the visibility of your profile picture and twitter bio.
  3. Show the “Family” side of you. You can use your family pictures in the twitter header. This is a nice personal way to greet your followers.
  4. Use personal quotes or slogans. Find a favorite quote and maybe link it with a photo that best goes with it.
  5. Use scenery and landscape. By using beautiful pictures of scenery or city landscape as your header this is a good way of expressing how much you love nature or the city you live in.
  6. Show your other social media sites. A great method, if you have multiple social media platforms, is to let your audience know where they can find you besides Twitter.
  7. Express interests and personality. This is a fun way to incorporate the things you love.
  8. Showcase your portfolio. You can turn your Twitter header into a portfolio by including the names of well-known sites that acknowledged your brand or in which you are constantly contributing as a columnist or artist.
  9. Acknowledge others. This gives you a chance to promote your friends or favorite business.
  10. Put compliments on your header that people have given you. Something that makes you feel good.


We hope that these will help you come up with the best header for you!