10 Small Business Social Media Tips


Social Meida Strategic RevolutionWhether you are a new company or a big or small company social media is an important step in promoting your business. There are a lot of social network platforms to choose from but the good news is you don’t have to be on all of them, the best advice is to only be on at the most five. Social media can be time-consuming but for any business it is necessary. It will help increase your Google search rankings, give your brand a human voice, and allow your customers to start a conversation. Here are a few steps that will help with getting your social media site up and running.  Here are 10 small business social media tips to help you understand social media marketing:

  1. Know your audience. This is important because you want to make sure the correct people are viewing your site. The Big 5 networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Plus. We call them “the big 5” because they’re the most important networks that cover basically all social media users.
  2. Share your content on social network. Social media is all about being social, and that starts with sharing stuff. Honestly, one of the hardest things about social marketing is coming up with new things to post. Having a business makes this a little easier because you can promote what you have going on in the store.
  3. Engage with others. Social media is all about being social. Don’t make the mistake of turning your social accounts into a megaphone about only your business. It is important to engage with other users to help build your network.
  4. Know your competition. Make a list of the top 3-5 competitors in your industry, then review their social media networks and look at what they are doing. It’s a great place to find information about how they engage with their customers.
  5. Encourage Feedback. Allowing your users to provide feedback adds value and authenticates your business.
  6. Be active. You cannot simply create a profile and then do nothing with it. You need to constantly keep it up to date. If you don’t it may reflect badly on your business.
  7. Share the links to your social presences repeatedly. Put your link to your business everywhere possible. There is no reason not doing this.
  8. Adapt and develop. Social media is always changing which means you should be changing too. This means change your format or your home photo.
  9. Respond to customers. People are going to post on your wall, good and bad things. You need to be involved with the people who help your business grow.
  10. Add value. This is important because you want to give people a reason to follow you.


Good luck! Hope these tips help!