2 Ways to Make Your Facebook Soar

Two steps are all it takes to make your Facebook profile sore! One of the best marketing strategies is to take the easiest idea possible and blow it up as big as possible as my boss says, “As long as it’s efficient, easiest is best”. This is where your individual creativity can shine! Here are 3 suggestions on how you can boost your Facebook profile.images

1. Have an engaging header!

Coca-Cola has one of the most iconic logos out there and has for years. You want your header to “POP” and engage Facebook users. As a Facebook user myself, I am more inclined to click on a page that has an enticing header. I often find myself clicking on pages that have attractive colors, nothing too harsh and definitely nothing offensive. Some suggestions for colors would be red, blue, a pale yellow and orange; these are just the colors that I am drawn to! I am also drawn to pictures of people like everyone else is, if you are a business I would pick someone from your team (possibly you) and make him or her the face of your Facebook if you will. Everyone wants to feel like they have a personal connection to the business they are patronizing. For my personal blog I asked my family and friends for their input on which of the options I presented made them more inclined to click aka engage. Engagement is everything!

2. Add personality!

Assuming that your Facebook is for your business you are going to give your page a personality! People are more inclined to click on a page that is engaging with them not just throwing promotions and ads at them. There is a huge difference between marketing to people and marketing at people. Nobody wants to be bombarded with random offers that really don’t apply to him or her because they have no idea what your business is all about, you have to show them! Let’s say you own a local pizzeria and you want to boost your Facebook profile to increase revenue, which one of these strategies do you think is going to yield the results that you desire: A. You make the face of your pizzeria the pizza! Because that is really what you are selling or B. You choose a responsible, fun, personable employee or family member to be the face of your pizzeria? Option B is going to yield the results that you images-4want because people will come for the personality and stay because of the factious pizza that is delicious.


If you can do these 2 easy steps right and as efficient as possible your Facebook profile will soar! There are many more ways that you can boost your Facebook profile, however as I previously said before, easiest is always best as long as it’s efficient. Go soar!