3 Easy Steps to Building a Twitter Following

3 Easy Steps to Building a Twitter Following

Ever wonder how people, other than celebrities, get so many followers on Twitter?


This has always been something I have been curious about, I follow a lot of people yet the people that follow me are not even close.  I decided to apply these tips to see if I could  increase my followers. These tips are super easy and what do you know my followers tripled in size. While there are numerous things you can try, here are just a couple things you can try to get the followers you want.

Like any other social media site the image you choose to represent yourself needs to show who you truly are. Twitter is a social site so people want to know who they are talking to. This is the same for the header you choose. Make it stand out so people notice you and try to change it so it is never the same photo, this will keep the followers you do have interested.  Another thing I highly recommend is create a good bio. This gives you the chance to tell people why they should follow you. The last suggestion I have is if you never tweet then tweet more. This is your chance to converse with others, an interesting tweet will almost always get retweeted, and this is how people notice you. With that said, if you tweet everything you are doing every second of the day I encourage you to stop. From experience, I get bored seeing the same person say relatively the same thing over and over and I personally will unfollow someone for it.

Keep it simple and fun.

So to sum up in order to get more followers:

  • Find an image and header that best describes you – the first three people who tweet us at @StratRev will receive a FREE header image!
  • Talk yourself up – try Twitter chats too.
  • Tweet relevant info – if are are bored with your tweets chances are your followers will be too.

Hope this helps you get new followers!  Any other tips?