3 Tools For Better Post Scheduling


social media photoI have always been one to write upcoming events in the calendar, especially once I went back to school. I can be a forgetful person and knowing what I have coming up is a huge asset to me.  Once I started doing blogs it was easy for me to remember what was due when without writing it in my calendar book but then a co-worker told me I could schedule my posts ahead of time.  I didn’t really know how this worked so I checked it out and wouldn’t you know it, there are actual sites out there that you can schedule when you want your blog to post.  There were several that I cam across but here are the ones I found the most popular.

  • Buffer-  The free plan allows you to schedule up to ten updates daily for two social media accounts. If you want the option for more accounts you can update to their Awesome Plan which gives you unlimited updates for up to twelve accounts. The upgrade is $102 a year. Buffer is very easy to learn and user-friendly.

According to their site:   Drive more clicks and traffic Buffer helps you reach your audience at the right times, driving more clicks on your posts and traffic to your site.  Increase fan engagement Buffer makes it easy to consistently schedule content on social media, increasing your reach and fan engagement.  Save time on social media  Powerful publishing tools make it easy to share content across multiple social networks with one click.

  • CoSchedule– I chose this one only because it works with Buffer and integration makes workflow easier, thus more effective. It is $10 a month and allows you to create your social media posts while you are writing a blog post. It sounds like this one is good for those who are looking for a way to do as much as possible with every post at one time.

According to their site: Sharing blog posts with social media used to be a pain. Now you can create your blog and social media content at the same time—before you publish. Customize your social media sharing schedule to get up to 75% more traffic than you used to. All while saving more than an hour per blog post.

  • Hootsuite – This is the most discussed and written about. Like Buffer, it too has a free option and a paid option. Free users can add up to three social networks to one HootSuite account, including LinkedIn, Google+ Pages, and Foursquare. HootSuite Pro starts at $8.99/month and lets you add up to 100 social network accounts/profiles and bulk schedule up to 350 updates at once by uploading a spreadsheet.

These post scheduling tools can be used by anyone who doesn’t have the time to do it manually everyday.  Want to stay organized, engaged and plan your posts then you should  check these tools out.