3 Ways To Engage Customers On Social Media

3 Ways To Engage Customers On Social MediaThe great thing about social media is that it can help increase customer engagement, notify your followers about current promotions, and encourage customers to return to your business. But with everyone starting to understand social media you need to make sure you stand out from your competitors. How do you do this you may ask? Well there are several different things you can try. Depending on what your business is things may work for you that would not work for someone else and vice versa. While there may be different approaches you can take here are a few steps that will work no matter what you sell or how big you are.

  • Focus on social presence– You should know your type of customer just based on what your business is but you may not know which social media networks they use most. Most people have Facebook and Twitter but there are several other sites out there so try and find what site you want to be involved in based off what your customers like.
  • Respond to your customers– If a person takes the time to post something on your wall then most likely they are looking for a response. Even if they post a compliment let them know you have read it and that you appreciate them as a customer. Also, make sure when you do reply that it is in a timely manner. The quicker you respond to your customer the more likely they will feel like you value their feedback.
  • Post Engaging Content– If you are going to post on your wall, and I recommend that you do since this is all about networking, make sure you post things that will grab your customer’s attention. I have seen some places ask a certain question and based on the best answer they give that person some sort of discount on something in their store. Your posts could even just be a photo or a video.

customer service photoFrom a personal level these are things I look for when I follow a favorite store or if I hear about a new coffee place and want to check them out. I think the way you sell yourself online is a great representation of your business.