4 Ways to Boost Your Engagement on Twitter


Hello again! I’m back with some more helpful ways to boost your engagement: Twitter Edition, since we as a twitter-crazed society all we want is more engagement aka re-tweets and followers. Since Twitter is a large global community this means it is a great crowd sourcing tool and thus the more appealing your Twitter is the more engagement you will have, pretty easy right?images

1. Beef up your Bio

We live in a world that is very image-centric and with so many images out there you really want your bio to standout and POP! Make sure that your avatar is a high-resolution headshot; this is a great way to initially draw people to your profile Also do not forget to smile genuinely; a smile is the first step to an engaging relationship with your twitter followers.

2. Short Tweets

Remember 140 characters is all you have to express yourself on Twitter so make sure that it is clear, concise and to the point, you also have to account for hash tags which are essential for every Tweet because that is your portal to other twitter communities on Twitter and a way to add yourself into whatever trending topic you want to add your two-cents to. Be sure that your tweets vary! If you are only going to be tweeting about sales out of the 4 tweets that you might send in a day, only one or two of those should be about sales. You do not want to come off as a spammer or a really boring twitter account that only tweets sales facts and stats. Please don’t be that person.

3. #HashTagsimages-2

Every single one of your tweets should have 1-2 hash tags because as I said before hash tags are your portal into other circles on twitter, a way for you to interact with influencers and trending topics. A good idea is to come up with a few hash tags that are catchy and relevant to your personality and brand, your current twitter followers will catch on and it will spread! Hash tags spread like wildfire but be careful of 2 things: do not create a hash tag that is an inside joke with a select group of people and do not create a hash tag that are offensive. As I previously mentioned create a few catchy hash tags, just like with your tweets, your hash tags should vary as well. You should have a few of them in rotation as well as consistently adding new ones.

4. Re-Tweets

The more you re-tweet the more you will be re-tweeted. If you are going to re-tweet a post make sure that you type your message before the @ username  (i.e “Great Article, Great Read RT @stratrev”). If you have been re-tweeted send a direct message that is personal (NO AUTO RESPONSE) and also inquire a bit about them and their twitter page, a helpful tip is to browse their feed before you direct message them thanking them for their re-tweet and engagement with you, this will forge a relationship with will be mutually beneficial.

For more tip on how to boost your Twitter engagement check out Lori R Taylor’s website Social Caffeine.