5 Social Media Tips for Small Business

5 Social Media Tips for Small Business

Small businesses think they can survive primarily on word of mouth. This may have worked in the past but with the ever-changing world of technology, small businesses need to step into the 21st century. With these 5 social media tips the transition will be easy.

Step 1 is to get familiar with the different social media options available to you. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even YouTube you are bound to find one that best suits you. They great thing about social media is you can pick all if you really wanted to. Just remember, based on target audience, some are better than others so do your research first.

Step 2 is talk about your business, provide info on why you are the best at what you do or what makes you different from your competitors. As a consumer I like back stories and sometimes small businesses have such a great behind the scenes pictures and videos.

Step 3 is to let people know you are now available online. Good ways to do this is to advertise it in your store. Try running a special stating, “Like us on Facebook and receive 15% on your next purchase”.  Once they like you their friends will see it, if they like it their friends will see it. This is the “new” word of mouth.

Step 4 is to always keep your page need, clean, and up to date. Try getting on there at least once a day and talk about your industry, local events, any upcoming promotions or new products you have coming in soon.  Just remember the “80/20 Rule” only 20% promotions about your business, 80% of your posts educational.

Step 5 is be patient, things don’t always happen overnight. You will still have your regulars but the newbies will come soon enough.  Before you know it your little business will grow over the next several months.

Good Luck! I know you can do this.Good luck photo