All About Klout

Have you ever wondered what your opinions are really worth? Well perhaps you have heard of a little thing called a Klout Score. If you are a social media fanatic or strive to become influential, then you need to get to know the A’s & B’s of Klout!

A little history: Started in SF in 2009, Klout is a website that determines your Klout Score by using social media analytics to measure how influential you are across all of your social networks. Your “score” is a number between 1-100. Basically, the higher the number, the higher the Klout.

Why is it important?

Klout gives you a great accurate measurement on how well you are doing in the social media world and looks much deeper than your current following. Lots of follower counts can be compromised and be full of fake followers with no interest in what you have to say so using that to measure your influence is not a great social media strategy.

Klout is like the social media equivalent of money, as it’s the standard measurement for influence. Its not completely perfect but is widely accepted by the mainstream and if you want to get big in the main stream you have to play the klout game!

The more you focus on legitimately increasing your klout score, the better tweeter you will be in general. Klout use aspects such as @mentions and retweets as ways you engage with your followers so the more your community does these things based on conversation you created, the higher you klout will be.

Now here is the fun part. KLOUT PERKS! Brands want to reward influencers so they can talk about the experience with their community, which led to klout perks. Three years since klout launched it klout perks service, more than 1 million perks have been claimed by social influencers over 400 campaigns from various brands.

You can get free subscriptions to magazines, such as Red Bull and more recently American Airlines are offering a one day pass to their Admirals Lounge, to influencers with a klout score of 50 or higher. You don’t even have to be flying with them!

So Klout can benefit you in many ways, from social media credibility to actual tangible perks so get your accounts linked up and begin klouting!