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Restaurants need to use Snapchat

Restaurants need to use Snapchat With the popularity of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and pretty much any other social media site I feel Snapchat still hasn’t received the recognition it deserves. While there is an estimated 82 million users I think people are still unaware of the huge benefits of using the app.  These messages are […]

Restaurant Marketing VS. Branding

Do you know the difference? Branding is the overall strategy and set of beliefs that defines your restaurant in the hearts and minds of your community.   Marketing is the daily work you do to get your restaurant in front of the community at large. This can include the tasks related to social media, advertising, […]

Restaurant Marketing vs. Branding

Do you understand the difference between restaurant marketing vs branding? Photo courtesy of RED ROMERO RAMOS(CC ShareALike) Marketing is the act of promoting a product or service.  The message can be as simple as “Buy Chanel because Brad Pitt wears it” or “Come to our restaurant because we have the freshest sushi in town”   […]

Social Media Tips For Small Business

Social Media Tips For Small Business Many small business owners feel that they simply don’t have time to maintain a solid social media presence, but that’s generally because they aren’t aware of the many benefits of doing so. For instance, most consumers use online resources for making purchasing decisions, and they are much more likely […]

Social Media Marketing

 Social media marketing . . . should be an important point to any business’ business plan. Small businesses often do not realize the gold mine that is social media. Social media creates engaging content that connects people, which can help a company grow sales. Photo courtesy of greyweed(CC Attribution) The Internet is an amazing platform, […]

Music Really Is Getting Worse According to New Statistics

Although everyone has their own opinion about whether music is getting worse or not, if the opinions of the industry experts are anything to go by, then these latest statistics appear to support this argument. Experts from NME and Rolling Stone magazines have compiled and released their own lists of the all time greatest albums. […]

Blog Post Scheduling Can Increase Your Productivity

Blog post scheduling  . . .  we have been trying a few different blog post scheduling and calendar plug ins for our WordPress blog although none of them really delivered all the features we needed such as scheduling blog posts and social media postings related to that post in a simple way.   Well we […]

Client Satisfaction In One Easy Step

Client satisfaction  . . . is what drives real customer satisfaction and engagement. Many companies talk about the idea of “going the extra mile” (GEM), although when time or budgets are short, it’s easier to provide the services customers merely expect to receive. This is not going to return client satisfaction, it is will deliver […]

How Social Media Marketing Can Help You

Social media marketing . . .  is the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platform to deliver your business message to people in the digital world.  Social media marketing can deliver more value than many other forms of marketing such as print advertising or deal sites like Groupon.     Smart […]