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Image Size Cheat Sheet for Social Media Platforms

Setting up a new Twitter profile or Facebook Page can be a somewhat time-consuming, especially when it comes to working out the sizes of all the images you need to make your channels, or those of your clients, stand out from the crowd. But Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus change the format, layout, and style […]

10 Ideas To Make Twitter Headers That Inspire

When it comes to your Twitter Header you want something that really describes you. Your profile picture is generally a picture of you so it’s not necessary to have another picture as your header. Obviously you can but we think it may be better to find a creative way to show who you are, not […]

Are you ready for Meerkat?

Attention all you Twitter fans! Have you heard about Meerkat? If you are an avid Twitter user than you probably have since it has been mentioned a lot this month. For those of you who have not we are here to open your eyes to it.  Meerkat allows you to stream live video from your […]

Proven Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

We all like to spend our days playing around on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whichever other social media platform that tickles our fancy. Each one can serve a different purpose but the one that seems to constantly be changing daily and that people are constantly joining is Twitter.  We often hear how people are unsure […]

What is Lead Nurturing?

75% of all prospects will not be ready to buy upon your initial contact.  That is an interesting fact and why lead nurturing is such an important factor in today for every business owner.  For those of you, who are not familiar with Lead Nurturing, welcome to my world. It is a term many people […]

3 Ways To Engage Customers On Social Media

The great thing about social media is that it can help increase customer engagement, notify your followers about current promotions, and encourage customers to return to your business. But with everyone starting to understand social media you need to make sure you stand out from your competitors. How do you do this you may ask? […]

Worst Advice About Social Media

For the most part learning about social media is fun and honest, but every now and then you can get some really bad advice. When I first signed up through Facebook I was told to only have Facebook, the other sites wouldn’t be what I want them to be if I enjoy Facebook. What I […]

How to Leverage Employee Social Media

My current position is on the social media team, it is a requirement to be on Facebook and Twitter since those are the primary social media sites we work with. Prior to this position I still liked and followed my company because I think it is important that you like where you work, this shows involvement […]