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Apple OSX Mavericks

It’s the end of the line for cat named operating systems as Apple rolled out the new Mavericks OSX last week, named after California’s famous waves. And the best part about Mavericks? Unlike previous operating systems, it’s a free upgrade! So after using it for the past few days, lets talk about the key features, […]

Back To School with Chef Janet K & Udi’s

In the beginning of September it seems as if the world resets. Summer is over. School is back in session. The weather gets colder, (not in LA!) and the daytime gets shorter. For a lot of parents this means it’s time to start meal planning and packing school lunches for their youngins again. For some, […]

Regulating Your Online Presence

In the world of social media making your presence known and getting your foot in the influencer door can be a hard task.  The whole process is very time consuming and can be frustrating in the beginning but this is also super important for your small business! Your online presence is the online identity you […]

Waze Avoid Traffic

Waze to avoid traffic It’s happened to all of us. Type your destination in apple maps, proceed to highlighted route, sit in traffic for an hour. How does this happen? You clicked the “Show Traffic Icon.”  Why is there all this traffic when it looks green? In Los Angeles that can be one of the […]

Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy

I think the term, “Content is King!” might be one of the most used terms in social media marketing, but what does it really mean? Many small business owners are unfamiliar with the term ‘Digital Content Marketing” and therefore don’t include it to be a major part of their marketing strategy. The idea is simple.  […]

Instagram for Brands. RIP VINE?

RIP VINE? This is a follow up to the blog post I wrote a couple weeks ago,  “Why Should Your Brand Use Vine.”  Since I wrote the post, highly praising the creative things you could do on Twitters newest social platform, Instagram (Facebook) decided to release an update that allows users to upload 15-second videos, […]

Why should your brand use Vine?

Earlier in 2013 Twitter launched Vine, a mobile video application that allowed its users to shoot and post 6 second looping video clips. Vine quickly sparked the imagination of people around the world as a variety of creative videos began pouring in from the internet massive.  People were creating short films, stop motion, and capturing […]