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Corporate Responsibility in The Social Age

Ethics is always a bit of a funny topic because it deals with personal philosophy as applied to the greater good. At its core, ethics is about doing the right thing. However, what I think is just may not be the same for you. I suppose if ethics were as clear cut as that we […]

Water Festivals: 5 Festivals You Need To Experience

Water is important. Symbolically speaking it represents life and cleanliness. Literally it provides us with what makes up a good percentage of our bodies; we basically are water. So it’s little surprise that so many cultures around the world choose to use it for their festivals of tradition and religion. So if you love travelling […]

Rewarding Fans on Facebook

When a person hits the “Like” button on you Facebook Fan Page, they most likely want something back  for doing so. Whether you own a small business, provide a service, or are an artist, Fans like to be rewarded. Get to know what your fans are interested in. Provide valuable content for them to read […]