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Put Your Phone Away! Start Scheduling Posts Before Your Busy Day

You’re in line at Dunkin Donuts and instead of reading their cardboard cutout comprising the day’s crazy cookie-centered coffee flavors, you’re rapidly typing on your smart phone, trying to send out at least a few Tweets from your professional or personal account, to kick the day off right on your social media accounts. Finally the […]

Social Media for The Consumer

What’s a happy consumer with a smartphone to your small business? The answer is a pretty damn good asset if you ask me. We all know how social media had a great impact on businesses, specifically consumer-business discussion, when it emerged online as an open forum for consumers to directly give feedback of and to […]

Instagram For Small Businesses

Instagram, the popular photo sharing application, is widely popular because it breaks up the hum-drum monotony of word driven social media apps. You can log on and endlessly scroll a screen of finely filtered photos, and even look up streams of niche-specific photos utilizing hashtags. Because of the apps ease and popularity, it has become […]

Social Media Account Makeover

Now is a great time to makeover some, (or all), of your social media accounts! We are entering a new season, and it’s the anything goes season. Summer is a time for humor, for professional, for strategic, and for casual content sharing, and social media is very popular during the upcoming months. A great way to […]

Summer Social Media | A Guide To Posting

With Summer’s official start just a day away I want to take this time to discuss how to best share on social media during these next warm months. Summer brings with it sunshine, warm weather, a more lax attitude and overall vibe, and also a lot of great content to share on social media! Whether […]

Mind Over [Media] Matter | Welcome Post

Hi again fellow social media lovers. I want to use this post to welcome you to my weekly blog series titled “Mind Over [Media] Matter” that will discuss and dissect the way that people use social media to voice their opinions and conceptualize what’s going on in our world. Though the phrase mind over matter […]

Social Media Presence | What is it?!

What does social media presence mean? Not really what you think it does I would bet!  It doesn’t refer to your social media accounts being there or not there, (present or absent), but rather how they are [there]. Basically, one’s social media presence refers to how they post and engage on all of their accounts. […]

Personal Vs. Professional | Why Your Voice On Twitter Matters

Nearly every business is on Twitter in today’s media-driven world. Whether they tweet out specials, business information or promotions, or direct responses to users, most businesses use Twitter to send out a dialogue, and as a means of communication. That being said, what’s always observed about a business, is the voice they have in tweeting […]

Pinterest to Add Advertisement Pins

Web browser hit and popular app Pinterest has announced on Thursday that the company is adding its first big advertisement endeavor, and offering “promoted pins” to businesses. This new feature, geared more toward small and medium sized businesses, hopes to generate and capture advertisement revenue from businesses who understand the value of social media marketing. […]

Why Blogger Support Rocks

Perhaps the most helpful positive marketing surrounding a small business is that of good ‘ol fashioned word-of-mouth. It is genuine, effective, and really generates public support of your business. Now picture this same type of marketing, but done online.  Think of the blogger community as you would your trustworthy local community, for bloggers who have […]