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Tips and Tricks for Spring Cleaning!

Get ready ya’ll it’s my favorite time of year: SPRING CLEANING! When I was little my mom had us clean out our rooms what felt like every single month and I hated every second of it. But now, having lived in my own place, I now understand not only the necessity of spring-cleaning but also […]

Battle of the World Cup Campaign

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have always had a long-standing rivalry because they are the two largest soda companies in the world, so naturally with the World Cup fast approaching the two companies are attempting to step up their game with an interactive marketing campaign. Lets start of with Pepsi’s proposed campaign. Pepsi’s World Cup campaign includes […]

Summer Internship: College Edition

Almost every college student starting in mid march start looking for summer internships to boost their resumes, I am one of those college students and I have taken full advantage of the internship opportunities that I have been fortunate enough to have. When I first started looking for internships I was a freshman in college […]

How To Avoid A Twitter Nightmare

How To Avoid A Twitter Nightmare . . . I am sure that you have heard about the famous tweet that an employee from Chrysler’s social media agency, New Media Strategies, send out while driving through Detroit (read the full article ) where he dropped the F-bomb from the companies twitter account complaining about the driver’s in Detroit. […]

Drip Marketing From Prospect to Customer

Drip Marketing  Or How to take a prospect and them a satisfied customer Taking a prospective down the AIDA Funnel is fairly simple with drip marketing and can be achieved in a few organized steps. Step 1: Whenever someone engages with your business be sure to get their personal e-mail address so you can send […]

Lead Nurturing 101

Welcome to Lead Nurturing 101. Some of your might be thinking what is lead nurturing? Well, lead nurturing is a practice that is key when building your clientele. This concept can be explained quite simply using the AIDA(S) Funnel, the basics for lead nurturing. For those of you who do not know what the AIDA(S) […]

Social Media Marketing: Few Risks Big Rewards

The days of advertising strictly through radio, television, newspapers and magazines are long gone. Those means of advertising and marketing are still extremely effective today however with online businesses growing at the rate that they are, it is mandatory that all businesses dedicate their time and money to broadcasting across multiple social media platforms. Now, […]