Battle of the World Cup Campaign

Unknown-1Coca-Cola and Pepsi have always had a long-standing rivalry because they are the two largest soda companies in the world, so naturally with the World Cup fast approaching the two companies are attempting to step up their game with an interactive marketing campaign. Lets start of with Pepsi’s proposed campaign.

Pepsi’s World Cup campaign includes an interactive vending machine #FutbolNow, using motion-sensor technology, that dispenses a free drink if you can keep a virtual ball in the air for 30 seconds while doing all the tricks and flicks that are prompted on the screen. Now I am not a fan of Pepsi’s drink product however I am a fan of this marketing campaign. When you add in a game component you are for likely to attract far more people than if you didn’t use something interactive with a competitive component to it. Which brings me to Coca-Colas World Cup marketing campaign.

Coca-Cola’s World Cup campaign is their third  “Trophy Tour” which is a 221-day tour that will take the coveted Jules Rimet Prize to visit every country that has ever won the world cup.  Along the tour, people in every city will have the opportunity to take a picture with the trophy. In addition to being able to take a picture with the Jules Rimet Prize, Coca-Cola will also be distributing 1 million free samples of soda and branded futbols “to encourage people to take part in more physical activity” (

Unknown-2Both of these marketing campaigns are well thought out and will be successful, however if I were to declare a winner of the battle of the World Cup campaign I would have to say that Pepsi won. As much as people love free stuff, especially sodas and futbols, there is no beating an interactive, motion censored, vending machine that let’s you compete and show off your skills against your friends and random people, of course. Not only do you get a free soda at the end, just like Coca-Cola, however you have to engage in the physical activity before being rewarded with a free soda, not after. Pepsi has a guaranteed way for the people who are engaging with their product to also engage in physical activity. You want that immediate satisfaction and that hype that will spread through word of mouth. I can see myself going towards an interactive vending machine vs. getting a free futbol that now I have to carry around with me and will probably just leave on the ground when I get tired of holding it, this is just a fact. Pepsi congratulation, I never thought I would say this but well done!