Best of 2010- The Bellrays

BellRays Best of 2010 – AGAIN!

This is translated (Italian) but you get the idea – the new record is one of the best of 2010 and best of the band’s long career!

“Maximum Rock’n’Soul:” this is the formula that Californians The BellRays always defined by their stylistic. The band from Riverside, California, led by the pair formed (in life) by Lisa Kekaula and Bob Venuum despite several line-up, arrives today at the seventh round.In great shape.
To the point that “Black Lightning“seems to be the most mature and complete record so far made by the American quartet. Without even a bit withdraw ‘from the fair soul and punk attitude with which they have always characterized their moves on stage and in studio, the BellRays distils ten new songs that bring a focused sense of their beliefs sound.
From the title track that opens the album: an outline of the great rock sound and emotional impact that the band knows how to build guitars with saturated, high volumes, a rhythm section that does not miss a beat and the voice, hot and aggressive, Miss Kekaula.
On the shields well deraglianti “Hell On Earth“and”Living A Lie“, two songs that spin like a train shot at full speed and sweep away anything that gets in first. The tension subsides with “Sun Comes Down“, a wonderful episode of school Stax / Motown, with a successful string arrangements and female choruses that make it even more than the charisma of the singer and the voice of color.
On Top“does not betray the title that brings, as the creative peak of” Black Lightning “: a fine example of high-energy rock’n’roll the twenty-first century, a perfectly oiled sports car in every gear, not skidding in curves and goes straight to the objective.
With “Anymore“the BellRays are also still in the territories with a black piece, based on painful and intense voice of Lisa, that touches the most sensitive chords of our soul. While “Power To Burn“episode is the most straightforward of the album, a classic rock’n’roll than two minutes, simple but effective.
Everybody Get Up“is even more hard in terms of instrumental, but with a hoarse voice and powerful Kekaula miss a solo and other times to make a difference. Power which is also found in the superb “Close Your Eyes“which opens toward solutions before flowing lyrics in”The Way“, a song inspired by the soul of a” girl group “of the Sixties that closes the grooves of” Black Lightning ” .
An album that, along with the explosive “Let It Blast” (1998) and the more thoughtful “Have A Little Faith” (2006), represents the pinnacle of the record production of the fabulous Californian quartet. In addition to being without fear of contradiction, one of the best album of the 2010 draws to a close.

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