Best Social Media for Small Business

Best Social Media for Small Business

8864977481_713b7cbda5_zWith all the different social media sites out there it can seem a little overwhelming deciding which one is best for your business. It seems like each site serves a different purpose so you want to be sure you choose the correct one. It is ok to choose more than one site to represent your company but being a small business you should find out which one will be most beneficial. No matter which site you choose YOUR page needs to come first. You will need to make the effort to constantly update it. Social media is so face paced that if you are not able to keep up customers may get bored with your page.  Here are some, of what I feel, will be the best sites for a small business.


facebookFacebook– Most people assume this is the best one because it is the site people are most familiar with and for the most part almost everyone has it. It also is pretty easy to use. Once your page is created, users ‘like’ it and your news will be posted to their ‘wall.’

Twitter– Here is another site that a lot of people are familiar with. It is different than Facebook because instead of liking something or someone you follow them and then they can follow you back. I think Twitter is a really good way to connect with businesses. #twittercanbefun

LinkedIn– This one by far is the one I think is the best one for a business if you are searching for employees. When you create your account you can upload your resume and search for jobs. I suppose if that’s what you are trying to do than this would be the one to go to but as far as advertising for your company it may not be the best one to go to.

Pinterest– I think this one you can have fun with. If you have a product that very appealig to the public eye than this is the best one for you.  With this site there are boards and when someone sees sometihng they like they ‘Pin It’. Pins may be divided into pictures, videos, discussions, and gifts. As long as you continue to show your product you will receive a huge following.

While you are deciding which site is best for you think about these 3 questions:

What is it?

Who uses it?

What should I post on it? If you can answer these questions successfully than you will be able to shine on whichever site you chose.

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