The Cat Effect

Pets are great. They are loyal, cute, fun to play with and never fight about what to watch on television. But more important than all of that, the greatest gift pets give is Facebook Likes!

cats photoObviously I am saying nothing new here. It’s common knowledge that cats and dogs can make it rain Facebook Likes. However, I admit that lately I have been trying to go against the grain, or fur in this case, no animal pictures! I had a client recently tell me, “My brand is not about cute animals.” It is true that pet pics may not be appropriate for all brands, but that comment jarred me. I worried perhaps I was inappropriately adding animals to all my clients. Thus, I decided to put a self-imposed moratorium on our furry friends.

For those of you not on Twitter, you might have missed that October 29th was National Cat Day. Across social media people were giving love to their favorite feline. I figured, if there was ever a day to bring back the pet pic, it was then! So for one of my sports bar clients I posted a picture of a cat getting drunk with the caption, “They are more like us than we think.” On a page that normally gets around ten Likes a day, we got 54 Likes, 15 shares and over 1,000 impressions!

Now to be fair, I did a similar post for a spa client (not about being drunk) and saw no boost at all. So animal pictures are not always the answer for pages that are struggling. However, it’s clear that cats and dogs don’t have to directly fit the brand to be effective. If you can find a tie-in, like Drunk Cat, don’t fight the feeling.

Photo by Tomi Tapio

Photo by Moyan_Brenn