Consistency Is the Cornerstone to Any Successful idea

Every year I think this is going to be my year! I am going to come up with the next “it thing” that everyone needs to have, and every year I come up with nothing.  After reading articles and hearing interviews I realized I have been going about it all the wrong way. I was thinking too big. The best way is to try starting small; sometimes thinking big slows us down. When things are big, we don’t know where to start. The end goal may seem so big that it can seem intimidating and makes us what to quit just as soon as we started. Whether your goal is to lose weight, go back to school or be the next Einstein, here is a good place to start.

First, think about your priorities, maybe come up with a couple small things you want to work towards during the New Year. For myself, I will try and come up with 2 easier ones and maybe 1 hard one just to give myself more of a challenge. Next, come up with a deadline of when you want to start seeing a resolution. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, decide that you want to lose 5 pounds in 1 week. If you do not lose 5 pounds then see what you may need to do different to achieve this goal. If you are spending too long on one idea, maybe that’s a sign to skip it, at least for now. I also think it may be important to share your thoughts and ideas with friends, as long as you don’t think they will steal themJ. Feedback, whether good or bad, is helpful.  And finally, be consistent, the only one that can help you be better is yourself.  With consistency this will help you make progress, do better work, and all around be a better you.