Content Marketing & Social Media Strategy

I think the term, “Content is King!” might be one of the most used terms in social media marketing, but what does it really mean? Many small business owners are unfamiliar with the term ‘Digital Content Marketing” and therefore don’t include it to be a major part of their marketing strategy. The idea is simple.  Attract consumers to your social media platforms and keep them there by creating and curating exciting, relevant content.

Content MarketingNow a days most consumers have shut themselves off to the world of traditional marketing. Most people have DVRS with the ability to fast forward through the advertisements and listen to iPods or satellite radio in the car.  Now these businesses are taking their marking strategies and applying them to the social media world.

This is where Digital Content Marketing plays a big role. To be successful in the social media space, you need to present your consumers with valuable information that they can engage with. On Facebook a picture really does mean 1,000 words! With over 70% of adults using Facebook daily, your customer is looking for you. So make sure you give them what they want when they find you.

The best content marketers are creative and consistent.  Digital Content Marketing isn’t necessarily used to sell you things, but to maintain brand loyalty by delivering information those existing and potential customers might find particularly used to. Giving content & information to your audience sparks engagement and that is how I measure a successful social media platform.

In 2012, 54% of businesses in North America increased their Digital Content Marketing budget placing brand awareness at the top of their marketing plans. Some of today’s top brands are already using Digital Content Marketing to with successful campaigns.

With so many social media platforms these days, the best idea is to chose a few and really concentrate on producing visually stunning, quality content to push out on your platforms. Quality over quantity. People will unfollow you and unlike your pages if you overkill your pages with useless information. The best strategy is to have a strategy. Plan your calendar in advance allowing yourself time to research, brainstorm and create content that will interest your consumers, not bore them.

So how do you choose which platform is the best for your small business or brand? Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are the best platforms for images, while Instagram, Youtube and Vine are the best platform for video content.

Happy Contenting!

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