Cutting Time Online to Be More Productive








The swelling amount of emails that our inbox collects each day, the loads of tweets we write or receive each day, lethal meetings and lots of information reaching our door every day, there’s merely one thing we can do: set boundaries splitting work that really makes a difference from work that is merely good or completely mediocre and useless.

I’ve stumbled across a few boundaries online that help me cut time needed to make things happen and to get the work that’s more important.

Meetings and Events:
Overlook meetings in person unless they’re essential, they have a purpose, a narrow time frame and all attendees have a role chosen. Instead, you can schedule meetings on Skype or Hangout. Estimates are that a day-to-day meeting with your work team should not be longer than 30 minutes; a meeting with a dealer, 15 minutes; and any vital case, never longer than 1 hour. When you meet through video chat, it is always easier to end the meeting at the right moment.
Quarantine yourself from networking events, conferences, seminars, presentations, workshops, blogtrips, or webinars. That’s when you should be productive. The best time to work is when everyone isn’t.

Social Media:
Facebook, Twitter Facebook or LinkedIn won’t make it happen. These social sites are platforms that will strengthen what you create and maximize your reach. Keep them open, it’s great if they pay you not to lose track of any conversations, maintain track of people who mention your company or answer messages or friend requests immediately.

Use your tablet or smartphone as a recreational tool when you’re not at work, on the toilet (yes, on the toilet), on the plane, train, on your way home from work, at home, etc. It is then that you can check to see what’s going on in social media. Try to create work when you’re sitting at your computer or standing in front of an empty blackboard. If you practice game, consider making the most of your time by doing all irrelevant work then – checking on Twitter that a meteorite hasn’t fallen to earth. Schedule the post you want to publish in your blog the prior to the next day and also what you Facebook will post & tweet about it. Respond to comments at the end of the day. You are not going to produce further change or earn additional money by replying right away. The world doesn’t revolve around your company. Give your community time to digest the information you publish. Allot it according to a rational timeline.

When you join a group in LinkedIn, ask for the “weekly digest” rather than a “daily summary”.
Distributing one very useful item of content a day is much more worthwhile than sharing 20 things that are mediocre. Deal with any requests you receive from people with accurate, direct questions. The target is to have a more precise, distinct and straight way to help them.

Ignore phone calls from unknown or unseen numbers. If something is important, they will leave a VM or they will let you know who they are and what they want.

When you are on the fifth message in the same email chain, make a phone call and get it sorted, you’re already wasting too much time. Use different email accounts for each client and project. This may seem silly, but it’s a good way to classify, enhance and integrate topics and such volume of information. The fewer words you use in your email conversations, the more time you’ll be saving. In addition you’ll realize that you can say as much in two hundred characters as you were going to in almost a thousand. Simple is striking.
Unsubscribe from newsletters you do not wish to see in your inbox. And fill out a claim report if you continue receiving them.

Keep a copy of everything you do in Evernote: projects, emails, ideas, proposals, etc. You’ll never know where an idea can aspire from or, maybe, where you can use it again in a similar context. Use keyboard shortcuts. If you work with a Mac, the spacebar works as a cool tool! Write down all of your ideas as items or doodles. It’s simpler, faster, and easier to understand and more straightforward.