Drip Marketing From Prospect to Customer

Drip Marketing 

Or How to take a prospect and them a satisfied customerStrategic Revolution Sales Lead

Taking a prospective down the AIDA Funnel is fairly simple with drip marketing and can be achieved in a few organized steps.

Step 1: Whenever someone engages with your business be sure to get their personal e-mail address so you can send a “Thank You” e-mail for their interest in your business. This will extend their interest by making them feel good because as we all know, everyone likes a “Thank You”. Do not forget to make it personal! Include their name and a little bit about the conversation that you had with them; you are trying to make that connection. End the email with a direct link to the “Our Work” section that your website should have where prospect clients can look at your business’s case studies. This is showing not just telling which is a best practice that should always be followed. Further it is important to get their permission to send them future emails aka begin drip marketing.

Step 2: (Approx. 14 days later) Send out an e-mail to said prospective client with an example of how you helped a previous business with their marketing needs. Include a detailed summary (not too long) of what their business was like before you became involved. Then show them how your strategies have helped them achieve the success that they were looking for. You want to demonstrate your value as much as possible without being redundant and spammer-like. Make sure all of your information is detailed and tailored to your prospective client.

            Step 2A: If there is no more further engagement after 30 days since your first contact, do not consider that prospect dead. Instead, you will have a track that will have all of the lead traffic that your business has received and your will re-contact those individuals or businesses in 45 days with another personalized email checking up on them and offering up 2 or 3 tips on how to improve their business. This will lead to them understanding your value and contacting you for further inquiries, which could lead to them becoming a client.

Step 3: This is the final step, making that prospect into a client. It’s the bottom of the 9th, 2 on, 2 out, and you’re up to bat. You need to bring everything you’ve got and hit one out of the park. Since the interest and engagement is already there, setting up a consultation is phase one of completing step 3. Have a plan all ready detailing how you will change their business for the better. Constructive criticism is a marketing teams job so do not be afraid to helpfully critique their business, and then offering up a solution. Again, it all comes down to demonstrating your value to that prospective client.


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