Pinterest to Add Advertisement Pins

Web browser hit and popular app Pinterest has announced on Thursday that the company is adding its first big advertisement endeavor, and offering “promoted pins” to businesses.

This new feature, geared more toward small and medium sized businesses, hopes to generate and capture advertisement revenue from businesses who understand the value of social media marketing. Both Facebook and Twitter now effectively use their ‘sites for advertising, and Pinterest hopes to have the same success, profit.


The plan is for businesses to now be able to pay to promote their content in both “search” and “category” feeds, because increasing visibility and reach has been seen to increase revenues. Via information cited in Mashable, Pinterest is setting up a DIY tool that will allow these smaller businesses to create their own promotions in the future. Before the full launch of this fruitful feature, the company is testing this tool with just a handful of businesses. Other interested advertisers can apply for the program online.

Advertisers will apparently pay every time a user clicks on an advertisement, an investment that either could or could not have a great return.

The issue with cost-for-clicks, as I just deemed it, is that essentially more than half of the time the clicker will not actually be interested in what they are clicking on, they could have navigated there absentmindedly, for absolutely no relevant reason, or solely because the product/service of the business is something they want to know about, even though they are aware they will never purchase it. With that said, it means that advertisers could pay $1 for a click, full knowing they will make at the most, $.40 back on it.

Though clicks on an advertisement are a little bit more effective than are forced advertisements on the web, (the kind that you don’t click on, that just pop up during a program, or on the screen when navigating certain ‘sites), clicking on something online represents little to no commitment to what was just clicked on, as it is extremely easy to navigate, and quickly, through webpages and online content.

I think that Pinterest is smart to join, as social media marketing has proved extremely effective on both Twitter and Facebook, but advertisers should beware that Pinterest users are a certain breed of web-users… They are very serious about their “pinning” and their “boards”, so before you deem it effective to promote a “Big Mac” in my “Food Porn” search, think of the possibility that it will actually not persuade me, as I don’t eat red meat, and don’t appreciate promotions in my pasta pins.

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