Word Of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth marketing is the cheapest type of advertising and in a sense the most influential.  Before technology exploded it used to be only word of mouth meaning literally speaking face to face, but now it has expanded to texting, emailing, blogging, and talking on the phone.  Technology is here now and there is no escaping it.  Connect to a form of social media and you will expand your brand awareness.  You never know who you will connect with!  Once you have your Twitter and Facebook account it is time to give your consumers something to talk about!

The best way to get your consumers talking is to have great customer service.  It is imperative that as a business you treat your consumers well so they trust you.  Once they trust you they will talk about you to their friends who will text their family who will tell their friends who will use your product and then blog about it and in turn people will post it to their Facebooks.

This is instant marketing and is done by everyone else and best of all it makes you money for free.  In the novel Word of mouth Marketing: How smart companies get people talking, 20% of word of mouth happens online and it sparks 80% of face to face word of mouth.  Word of mouth marketing spreads almost instantly online especially if you have great customer service.  This gives you as a company a large incentive to be more ethical which makes you more money!

So how does your brand or band use Word Of Mouth marketing?  Have any great examples?  What do you think?

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