So this past week I have seen more and more articles coming up about Google’s new social networking platform, Google+ so I decided to research it, read the articles, and write about it. I must say, I am intrigued. As of now there is only a limited amount of people using the site because they are still working out the kinks, and testing it. The current users of Google+ had to be invited to use it. I’m kinda saddened I wasn’t invited. The site looks like it has possibility.

What strikes my interest in Google+ is the “Circles” feature. “Circles” allows you to group users into different categories and allows you to share certain information with one group, and other information with another. Neat, huh? Another feature that it has is really similar to StumpleUpon. It’s called “Sparks”. You can type in the search engine something you are interested in and then it will come back with stuff to read, watch, share, etc. Personally, I love StumpleUpon and I hope Google does well with this feature!

At the moment, Google isn’t necessarily allowing brands to create pages and accounts. One would think that this is an unintelligent idea. I know I certainly do. How fast do you think Google will change this? If they don’t do you think it will drastically hinder their abilities of becoming a top social networking site?

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