Twitter-HashtagsIf there is one thing in social media that a lot of people just don’t get, it is #hashtags. Regardless of your confusing regarding the #hashtag, it can be a very beneficial resource if used properly!

The infamous #hashtag is simply created by inserting a “#” with no spaces,  in front of your word or phrase. #Hashtags were originally created organically by the Twitterverse as a way to better categorize tweets and took off from there. #Hashtags are typically placed at the end of your tweet, but can be used anywhere within it.

Using #hashtags will make your conversations reach more people and connect with a consistency to your community.  The whole idea behind using #hashtags is to get folks to use the same one when chatting about certain topics online. For example, #POTUS is the hashtag that most people would use when talking about the President of the United States. Therefore, using a relevant in your tweet can help users find your tweet, even if they don’t follow you!

#Hashtags can also  be used for holding live, online chats about a certain topics or subjects. It’s the same as hopping on an online chat room with hundreds or even thousands of people talking about the same thing!

While the #hashtag originated on twitter many other social networking sites have jumped on board and have embraced the craze. Love them, hate them or don’t understand them, they aren’t going anywhere!

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