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How Social Media Marketing Can Help You

Social media marketing

. . .  is the use of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platform to deliver your business message to people in the digital world.  Social media marketing can deliver more value than many other forms of marketing such as print advertising or deal sites like Groupon.  

Social Media Marketing


Smart marketers and business owners have figured out social media marketing  is very similar to plain old word of mouth marketing.   People are still connecting and sharing information, as they have since the beginning of time.

Let’s forget all the technical stuff and break it down to the basics social media marketing connects people to messages and ideas.   Social media marketing is the way to use these platforms to build relationships, help develop repeat business. and attract new customers through your current customers sharing your message and value with friends and friends of friends. This should sound familiar, because it is, the use of social media marketing is just putting word of mouth marketing on steroids.

Here are a few ideas to help your business use social media marketing:

  1. Before you begin a social media marketing program, consider your business’ goals. Starting a social media marketing campaign without

    a plan is a sure fire way to lose the value of your message.  Are you interested in expanding your market, increasing the effectiveness of Yelp, introducing a new product, or get more leads.

  2. If your social media marketing goal includes gaining the attention of other business workers use a scheduling program like Buffer and schedule your posts for :5x after the hour.  This is when a meeting has ended early or an executive is getting to a meeting a bit early, takes out their phone and looks at Twitter or Facebook.  This will get your message read more often by the people you want to reach.
  3. Consider creating a cross promotion with a non-competitive business on Facebook.  For instance you have a restaurant that is close to a car dealership maybe you could take a few pictures of your staff in the dealership’s cars and they could take a few pictures having a meal at your restaurant.  You both post on your own Facebook page and share the images with your respective fans.
Those are a few ways you can jumpstart your social media marketing.  Please feel free to call 323.596.1280 or email us with any questions.
We love comments so please let us know what you would add, change or what has worked for your business.
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