How To Avoid A Twitter Nightmare

How To Avoid A Twitter Nightmare . . .

I am sure that you have heard about the famous tweet that an employee from Chrysler’s social media agency, New Media Strategies, send out while driving through Detroit (read the full article ) where he dropped the F-bomb from the companies twitter account complaining about the driver’s in Detroit. This is a Twitter nightmare that could have easily been avoided had New Media Strategies monitored their employee’s access to client accounts. This was a seemingly innocent mistake that was meant for his personal account but unfortunately for him, New Media Strategies and Chrysler it went out over the Chrysler Twitter account.


This is a perfect example of why you, as a business owner, need devise a foolproof system to avoid a Twitter nightmare like the one Chrysler had to endure. I am in charge of writing tweets for Strategic Revolution as well as a non-profit. Every tweet that I compose is done and saved as a draft for another person to read and approve. This has saved me and the companies embarrassment from misspelled words to syntax errors to overall voice issues.  I do not have these companies Twitter accounts linked to my phone so I know that I won’t just pick up my phone and tweet whatever random thought I’m having on behalf of the companies. The minute you start working for a company you are now representing them wherever you go and whatever you say will be a reflection of that company.

Every single day I see tweets from companies that have misspellings and grammatical errors and that come off as extremely unprofessional and could so easily have been avoided. You have worked so hard to build your business through cultivating a solid clientele list and creating a good reputation, it would be awful for all of that to come crumbling down because you didn’t put a system into place to avoid a very embarrassing and frankly detrimental incident.

The lesson is MONITOR YOUR TWITTER, drill the concept of proofreading into whoever has access to your Twitter account.  Create a system to make sure that you have a second pair of eyes to proofread the already proofread tweet. Yes this seems like a waste of time however it is crucial; 3 minutes now vs. hours, days and weeks of damage control.

Choose wisely!

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