How To Handle A Bad Yelp Review

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 How To Handle A Bad Yelp Review

Yikes! That moment when you see you received a bad Yelp review. Well I’m here to tell you life will go on and here are a few tips to help you handle this in the best possible way. First, take a deep breath, it’s just a review. Take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes people just like to complain, you can’t always take it personal. You gotta take the good with the bad.

yelp-review-trackers1The second thing is to try responding to these reviews. This is a great way to learn from an unhappy customer. It will build goodwill with your more vocal customers and could possibly bring them back in. The great thing about Yelp is that it allows you, as the business, to respond publicly or privately to these reviews. Depending on the issue I recommend responding publicly because this shows other customers that you are making an effort and reaching out to your customers to make things better. Make sure when you respond to these customers that you are professional and collected.  Keep replies short, sweet and to the point and always respond somewhat quickly.

Thirdly, remember your happy customers will write a reviews as well. Depending on the size of your business this tip may not always work but for small businesses where you know your clientele it could be very beneficial. I have even seen people use negativity as a positive.  By putting the bad review on a t-shirt or sign outside your store it shows you have a sense of humor about it and that you are not going to let these reviews get you down.

Whatever you decide is best for you please keep in mind that overreacting about the situation and snapping back at the customer or even Yelp will not resolve the issue. You need to make the most and best of the situation.  This is just few tips on how to handle a bad Yelp review call us for other ideas.