Instagram for Brands. RIP VINE?


This is a follow up to the blog post I wrote a couple weeks ago,  “Why Should Your Brand Use Vine.”  Since I wrote the post, highly praising the creative things you could do on Twitters newest social platform, Instagram (Facebook) decided to release an update that allows users to upload 15-second videos, complete with filters and all the other jazz that comes with Instagram. So the big question here is “Is Vine Dead?” Let the battle begin!

Ok so the side by side comparisons are obvious. Both platforms allow video uploads, Vine looping, Instagram linear.  One big difference that brands are taking advantage of is Instagrams extensive user base that most recently clocked in at 130 million active users. In comparison, Vine has just 13 million active users, but it is a much newer platform. Since Instagram has been around much longer, a lot of brands already have built an existing following and presence which gives Instagram more of an edge when it comes to brands choosing the right platform to deliver the message.

Brands can also take advantage of the longer upload length of 15 seconds. This length is more comparable to current advertising, so the possibilities of getting more information and creativity in the video are endless. Since they are already used to a longer format and comfortable with it, brands and advertisers have been quick to take advantage of this new marketing tool.

While I do love Vine, I have to admit that for brands, Instagram video is the way to go. So how do YOU chose? Pick the application that is the best fit for your brand’s target audience. If both are suitable for you, then use both! Create content for each that makes use of its different features, instead of using the same videos for both.