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Instagram appears to not be the same anymore…What’s happening here?

Don’t fret, because Instagram has released its new video sharing feature, the next reasonable step for the photo sharing service. At a Facebook event in San Francisco on June 20th, Kevin Systrom, Instagram’s co-founder, made the announcement. Instagram Video will be known as a competitor to Vine.

Much like Vine, Instagram Video is designed for short video clips. This allows video sharing for the age of short messages. Instagram’s video sharing system will let users post videos up to fifteen seconds in lengths. This compares to the six second length that Vine allows. The Instagram app lets you hold down a red button on your smartphone screen, permitting you to capture video, as well as has a tap-to-focus feature, interesting for those who may want to be a little more artistic in their presentation.

Instagram’s video sharing system scores a big win over Vine with its implementation of the site’s wildly popular filtering feature. Photo buffs love the comfort with which they can alter the mood of a photo uploaded to the service. Instagram has allowed the services availalability right away when they included video.

Instagram took a pass on the looping feature. Looping is popular because of the current internet subculture of posting animated GIFs. Vine allows this with videos. Instagram has stuck to a more traditional YouTube play-once method. Vines videos are now being shared more often on Twitter than Instagram photos. Instagram has also seen loss of Twitter usage caused by Twitter’s own picture hosting.

Systrom has implied the different selections in Instagram Video are a change to brand Instagram as older than Vine. He said he would like Instagram Video to be about more than photos of babies and cats. He wants the service to be about large events, political moments and other things that matter. It will be thought-provoking to see how Vine and Instagram handle the question of the ephemeral internet going forward.

The Instagram service is home to over 130,000,000 users. Those users post around 40,000,000 photos a day. Analysts feel the video service mainly augments the photo sharing features of the site. The video sharing add-on feels like an instinctive “next approach,” rather than a messy response to Vine.[image src=”” width=”” height=”” title=”” style=””][image src=”” width=”” height=”” title=”” style=””]