What Your Kids Can Teach You about Social Media

What Your Kids Can Teach You about Social Media

Facebook Social MediaIt seems that things are changing almost every day so it can be hard to keep up. For the most part I am pretty comfortable with social media but if I have any questions my 15 year old son sure can help me out. He seems to know these things even before they come out. Facebook and Twitter I understand pretty well, mostly because my job is to work on those sites, but some of the newer ones were still a little tricky to me. I wanted to learn more about Instagram and Snapchat and he was the one to assist me.

I knew that Facebook and Instagram went hand and hand because all my friends had Instagram but I never installed the app so I never took the time to understand it. The first thing my son had me do was to install the app on my phone. Once installed, I was amazed at how cool this app was I absolutely love the many different options for the photos. I probably tried my photos in every filter possible; my favorites are Slumber and Perpetua. I found myself spending A LOT of time on this app. I am grateful to my son for finally introducing me to this. I am sure you will love it if you try it as well

The next thing I asked him to help me with was Snapchat, this one made no sense to me at all, but now I am just as confident as the next person. The first thing he told me was about “Snapchat Stories”. This feature allows users to create links of shared content that can be viewed an unlimited number of times over a 24-hour period.  After that the stories disappear, I really think this is a neat feature because it keeps stories fresh and up to date. While I do not use this one as often as Instagram I still find myself checking it out often enough.

social media photoSo for all you “newbies” who want to learn about social media, feel free to ask your kids because they probably know more about it then you think.

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