Lead Nurturing 101

Welcome to Lead Nurturing 101. Some of your might be thinking what is lead nurturing? Well, lead nurturing is a practice that is key when building your clientele. This concept can be explained quite simply using the AIDA(S) Funnel, the basics for lead nurturing. For those of you who do not know what the AIDA(S) Funnel is, I will explain it to you (including a handy diagram!).

1st Contact (Awareness and Attention) is the first step in the AIDA(S) Funnel. During this first phase you will begin to cultivate leads for potential business with sales, use of the web, use of social media, and of course everyone’s favorite, cold calling! It’s terribly annoying and tedious but it does pay off, so hang in there, it’ll take you about a month. ATTENTION: this is where you need to get creative! It is extremely important for you to make your brand and your content memorable.

Next is the Interest and Desire portion of the funnel which is where you will compile data showing success from the first phase (success meaning engagement) and begin to customize your advertisements for those people who sAIDAhowed interest in your brand. The most important thing to do here is to keep going strong! Often businesses who are just starting off will gain success and then forget to continue to put time and effort into their advertisements making them entertaining and interesting, which bores their consumers forcing them to move on to another business and BAM! The said business is suffering. Don’t let that happen to your business.  This is a slow process, it can take 1-3 months of nurturing those leads by sending those showing engagement emails, newsletters, invites or special offers that will be of interest and desire to them. This all leads back to your goal, which is to make that sale (sign the client).

After 3 months you should have a good idea of which of those engagements will become clients or loyal consumers of your business. A “call to action” is necessary at this point in the funnel because it gives you the opportunity fast-track you to your businesses goal, which may be sales or clients. At this time you can provide more incentives to those showing the most engagement, this is a good way to build loyal clientele, everybody loves a deal! Hopefully at this point you have a compiled a specific list of all those leads who have showed a continued interest in your branded content and you can continue to do what your doing with clear direction and foundation in place.

An example of how you could go about doing this is as follows:


  • Day 1: send out a “thank you email” letting those viewers know that you appreciate their time.
  • Day 14: Send out a link demonstrating your value and how it may apply to them.
  • Day 30: provide a link for them to click, using bit.ly to track those who engaged in the content you provided them with, if they click the link that means that you have sparked something in them, perfect time to close that sale/make them a client.






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