Lucky 7 Twitter Ideas

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  1. What’s In a Handle

The first thing you need to do when creating a Twitter account is choose a handle similar to your other social media & reflect your overall branding.  The value of consistent branding across all digital platforms cannot be emphasized enough.  Would you have one name on the door to your business then another on your receipts and then another on your bags?  NO! So why do that in the digital world? Consistency builds trust with customers and prospects alike.   

  1. Always Start With A Clear Objective.

Before you can even begin selecting targeting, you must define your brand goal. Defining your objective, is it to drive traffic back to your website to convert into email subscribers, for engagement on Twitter or to gain Twitter followers. As an example, an app company driving app installs would likely be more interested in reaching Twitter users in a mobile environment and on a specific OS than on desktops.

  1. Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail or Content Strategy

You need a strategy! No one wants to follow a Twitter account that has no direction.  Don’t just sent out Tweets that beg for sales or announce discounts.  Deliver value to your audience and they will engage & you will sell more.  Your content is your voice, so ensure that each tweet is well thought-out and represents your overall brand strategy & messaging. As Marc Mathieu, Global SVP of Marketing at Unilever said, “Marketing used to be about making a myth and telling it. Now it’s about telling a truth and sharing it.” So make sure your content strategy is honest and transparent.  If you need an example take a look at Buffer they have taken transparency to a new level, one that we are following.

  1. Like Mom (should have) said, “You Are What You Retweet!”

Retweets are not necessarily always endorsements, although in some of your fans minds it may mean you are encouraging the content creator to continue to create similar content. Like mom did say, “If they have nothing nice to say then don’t retweet it”. At least that is what moms today will be telling their kids about brand management.

  1. Choose Your “friends” wisely

Strategic Revolution RetweetWhen a brand uses the @handle of another account in their tweets they are mentioning or talking to or about that account.  Be careful with your @mentions – if it is a bot they may just spout something that goes against everything you have built your brand around.  Take some time getting to know a Twitter handle, just like in the real world, you would not invite someone you just met at a coffee shop to have dinner with your family.

  1. Lists Make A Difference 

Twitter lists are a powerful way not only to keep your focus on specific Twitter accounts it can help in building your brand as a leader in curating interesting content.  It is wonderful when other Twitter handles subscribe to your list(s) and prospects see you as a Thought Leader.  Lists can be created and kept private to follow certain verticals or even your competitors, without following them or letting them or the public know what you thinking.  When we say you should be transparent we are not talking about giving away all your methodologies, such at competitor analysis.

  1. Consistency Wins

The real-time nature of Twitter means that to build anything long-term, you have to tweet. A lot. If not, your infrequent tweets will easily be ignored by the Twittersphere. We suggest tweeting at least five times per day so you can build an audience and then feed them information they find interesting.  Make sure you involve yourself in the conversations going on around you.  Remember it is better to get than receive so don’t just sell on Twitter.

In conclusion, social media should not be silos on the horizon of your overall marketing strategy it needs to be integrated to your overall plan.  As part of your brand communication Twitter must be recognizable by brand images, voice, handle, icon image and content delivered over Twitter must be consist with your web, print and other digital marketing platforms.

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