Mind Over [Media] Matter | Welcome Post

Hi again fellow social media lovers. I want to use this post to welcome you to my weekly blog series titled “Mind Over [Media] Matter” that will discuss and dissect the way that people use social media to voice their opinions and conceptualize what’s going on in our world.

Though the phrase mind over matter usually refers to the use of one’s mind to overcome physical problems or issues, in this blog series it will refer to how exactly the way that  one’s mind sees something is often more relevant to them than the actual “matter” of what social media reachreally happens. We see this play out more and more in today’s society with the addition of social media as a platform on which people voice their opinions, and in a big way. People often immediately jump on their social media accounts after something major breaks in the news, and voice their interpretation of it, no matter how ignorant it may be.

Some have become annoyed at the constant use of Twitter, Facebook, and others to “rant” on issues like politics, gossip, social issues, or other news that breaks, and the way that people will put their judgements out their with no qualms about it is seen as disconcerting to some.

I, though I can see how over-sharing in this way could become tiring to always scroll through, think it is fascinating how social media users can frame happenings in our society, and how users can ban together to formulate a public opinion or theory that gives new meaning to an otherwise cut-and-dry news bit.

That being said, over the next few months I will be exploring, each week, a news happening or gossip bit that catches public attention, and dissect the way social media users utilize their accounts to portray opinions on the matter.

Make sure to stay tuned!