New Fans: What Do They Mean?

New Fans: What Do They Mean?

You have a band, local business, online store or major brand with at least one fan so now what?

I take meetings with large brand CMOs down to a solo singer songwriter who has just began – what do they have in common? Fans!

What is the difference between the successful and frustrated? How they service those fans. Notice I did not say customers? I said FANS! People who love your brand & want to love it more, know more and do more!  Fans can be customers but not all customers are fans, make sense?

What are doing to service your fans? How can we service you?

How about 3 suggestions to help you convert more fans to customers:

    • helpful hint

    • “Turn Them On Thursday” via Facebook – new song you love, restaurant, movie and the like
    • Monthly newsletter with helpful information -not SELLING!  but TELLING!!

Humans love stories so tell your brand’s story!

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