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Social Media Management

Social media is ubiquitous and has fundamentally changed how people engage with businesses. Our social media methodology leverages the ubiquity of social media to help deliver strong results.

    • We help your business engage with your audience to increase interest, credibility and trust.
    • We identify what your customers, and prospective customers, interests then we engage them in an organic way
    • Your business becomes part of the conversation
    • We create and promote content that your audience will find unique, important and want to share with friends.

Digital PR

We approach digital PR from the perspective that strong content will deliver a business’s message better than a “slogan”.  Our team of copywriters work on creating content from social media posts to blog posts to articles for other news organizations.

In today’s press landscape we believe it is very important to pay attention to paid media (advertising), owned media (your websites, Facebook brand page, Twitter, and collateral) and earned media (online reviews, news articles on your business, word-of-mouth reviews, and Facebook/Twitter posts by consumers).

Earned media tends to be viewed as more credible, and is a direct result of consumers and the news media advocating for a brand because they were exposed to paid and owned media. Our approach is based on reciprocity, advocacy and transparency we make your business feel more down-to-earth.  This process that gives even the smallest business a large voice.

Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach represents an enormous marketing potential for businesses that desire to build their voice while increasing targeted traffic that increases brand awareness.  Our method for blogger outreach allows businesses to connect with an almost unlimited amount of online partners that are willing and able to promote your products.  Bloggers are constantly looking for new topics to discuss on their websites. They need to consistently produce content in order to satisfy their visitors and keep rank within the search engines.

One source of content popular for a large group of bloggers is product reviews and/or write-ups with product endorsements. They also enjoy the benefit of receiving free products from retailers in exchange for this content creation. Strategic Revolution has relationships with many high-quality bloggers and we approach them on behalf of your business.

When they create the blog post/review about your product or service, they will link from their website to your business website. This exchange allows bloggers to create new content and for you to increase your brand awareness, obtain direct referral traffic and receive a valuable backlink for your SEO.

Community Management & Outreach

Our Community Manager is the voice of your business they help build strong customer relationships to increase positive brand perception for your business.  Community managers discover relevant audiences and advocates to support your business in the digital world.

Further our Community Managers reach out to community programs, schools, hotels, and other non-competitive business off-line to forge relationships that further drive engagement and sales.


We believe an effective brand strategy gives our clients a major edge against competition.  Our methodology will deliver on what your business promises your customers.  They will know what they can expect from your products and services, and what differentiates your business from your competitors.

We develop your brand strategy, the how, what, where, when and to whom to communicate and deliver your brand message. We leverage our experience to pinpoint where you advertise, your distribution channels, and how you communicate visually and verbally to the marketplace.  A powerful brand can charge more for its product or services and customers will pay that higher price.

Who We Do It For!

Where Our Clients Heads Are At

Lisa Long

Firenze Osteria has engaged a few different social media & marketing companies throughout the last few years.  Strategic Revolution’s process delivered meaningful results month after month.  Their insight into marketing far exceeds the digital space.

I would recommend them without reservation.

Lisa LongManaging Partner
Shawn Sanford

Michael Dutcher & Strategic Revolution have always been a great strategic partner and an incredible group to work with time and time again. Michael and his group have always stepped up and over delivered beyond expectations no matter what challenge I have thrown their way.

I always feel at ease no matter how hard the challenge is that lays in front of us when Michael and his team are working with us they are true professionals that are results driven, they have continued to be a great partner.

I feel confident in recommending Michael Dutcher and Strategic Revolution to any company, big or small, they really care about what is important: RESULTS!

Shawn SanfordDirector