Personal Vs. Professional | Why Your Voice On Twitter Matters

Nearly every business is on Twitter in today’s media-driven world. Whether they tweet out specials, business information or promotions, or direct responses to users, most businesses use Twitter to send out a dialogue, and as a means of communication.

That being said, what’s always observed about a business, is the voice they have in tweeting and Twitter engagement. Comical, sarcastic, straightforward, or poetic, a business’ voice is very important in effectively appealing to its online demographic. The voice really refers to language used, tone implied, frame of content, and overall message. When a business has a voice that is effective for resonating with, and communicating with its demographic on Twitter, it will have a much larger following and interactions platform.

For different business types and accompanying demographics, voices deemed as successful on Twitter, will vary. For example, one of the most notable Twitter accounts for a major company, is Diet Coke. Diet Coke tweets with a conversational tone, and utilizes a pretty sarcastic and funny voice. They often tweet as a personal account would, with simple language and Twitter-appreciated witticisms, but no when to take a more professional voice, when promoting a campaign or seasonal product.

diet coke

Another Twitter account with a differently notable voice, is sportswear super brand, Nike. Nike’s voice on Twitter is a lot like the voice you could expect to hear if David Beckham was your soccer coach, and you were about a week away from the World Cup. Highly motivational, semi-intimidating, yet highly credible and respected, Nike’s voice on Twitter is rarely utilized directly for product promotion, and is more geared toward motivating its followers to #JustDoIt.



The above examples are merely two of the many brands and businesses that know how to maintain and demonstrate a great voice online through their Twitter account.

Who do you think has the most effective online voice?

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