Bel Air Bar & Grill is a white tablecloth restaurant in Bel Air, California.

The Task

Bel Air Bar & Grill engaged Strategic Revolution to increase its social media presence and manage their Yelp account.


Our Yelp management team implemented a two fronts, first we contacted dissatisfied Yelpers who left reviews of less than three (3) stars and implemented our process of  “Digital Shield” process. At the same time our team reached out to Yelpers (including Elite Yelpers) and invited them to the restaurant.


  • Increased Bel Air Bar And Grill’s Yelp rating by 1/2 star
  • Dissatisfied guests went back the restaurant & revised and improved their review based on their latest visit.
  • Their has been an increase in Elite Yelpers reviewing the restaurant
  • Management has trained the staff to focus on some of the issues Yelpers pointed out and the reviews have been mostly 5 star