Proven Ways to Increase Twitter Engagement

Social Engagement

Social Engagement – Get Focused!

We all like to spend our days playing around on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whichever other social media platform that tickles our fancy. Each one can serve a different purpose but the one that seems to constantly be changing daily and that people are constantly joining is Twitter.  We often hear how people are unsure how to engage properly with Twitter so we have come up with a few helpful tips to increase your Twitter engagement.

  • Tweet Relevant and Useful Information – Information that is both useful and relevant will get people engaging with it. Share interesting articles, inspirational quotes or latest news, so people will want to re-tweet or share their thoughts.
  • Re-share your posts to reach new audiences Since only a small percentage of your followers are going to see your social posts each time you add something fresh and new, it’s important to remember that social media posts tend to lose their “freshness.” It’s for that exact reason that we recommend re-sharing each of your content to maximize your audience reach.
  • Tweet during Daytime Hours – The “Twittersphere” is active during the 11-12 hours of daytime in your audience’s time zone. Between 8am and 7pm, your tweets will have 30% higher interaction. On that same note try to also tweet mostly on the weekends. If you want engagement, schedule tweets for Saturday and Sunday. According to the data, engagement is 17% higher on the weekends than it is on weekdays. Want to find out what is best for your audience take a look at Tweriod for analysis. For the free version, you can run one report a month.
  • Use Hashtags, but Don’t Overdo It – Experts suggest that one to three hashtags per tweet is an optimal number. Hashtags make it easy for people to find relevant content, but if you tweet consists of hashtags only, it can be perceived as hard-to-read.
  • Be Concise – Can you get more concise than 140 characters? Usually you can. Studies actually show that the ideal tweet length is approximately 100 characters. While there are technically 140 characters available for your thoughts and links on Twitter trying leaving at least 20 characters so people can retweet.
  • Join A Twitter Chat – Twitter chats normally have several moderators who guide the conversation during the chat using a Question and Answer format.  Prior to the chat the moderators decide on the topic of the chat and organize a series of 5-10 questions to ask during the chat.  You follow the chat by following the specific hashtag like #BufferChat hosted by BufferApp on Wednesdays 9-10 PST with the focus on social media and engagement.  Set up  a tool like TweetDeck and add a column with the Twitter Chat hashtag you want to follow.  This is good site to get a listing of many Twitter Chats and when they are happening Twubs

We hope these tips will help you!