Put Your Phone Away! Start Scheduling Posts Before Your Busy Day

You’re in line at Dunkin Donuts and instead of reading their cardboard cutout comprising the day’s crazy cookie-centered coffee flavors, you’re rapidly typing on your smart phone, trying to send out at least a few Tweets from your professional or personal account, to kick the day off right on your social media accounts. Finally the cashier yells “next” for a third time and you quickly send the post through and rush through your morning coffee order, frazzled as can be.

At lunch a few hours later, your friends are gabbing about the days office happenings thus far, yet instead of participating in the casual workplace gossip, your busy copying and pasting a link from CNN to upload onto your media pages for the mid-day news update that your followers expect from you. Your lunch buddies just don’t seem to understand your incessant need to constantly post on social media, so you say, halfway through the appetizer round, “this is why you’re in the finance, and not media department!”. Harsh.

Finally, you round out your day of ignoring human life and Mother Nature’s beautiful surroundings by constantly staring at your iPhone, with a nice, breezy walk home from the office, during which you didn’t look up from your screen once, because you were busy increasing your engagement and posting from your accounts. Nothing like not watching the beautiful sunset.

What if there were a way to curb this constant posting and phone usage anxiety? A platform that comprises all of your social media accounts and allows you to post from all at one time, that you can schedule earlier on that day? Imagine! You could have all posts written and ready, and choose the time of day in which they get sent out! You can, whenever you so please, schedule a post to go out during breakfast time, lunch time, midday, after work, whenever.

Think of all the day enjoying you could do with no longer having to stare at your phone writing social media posts.

Hootsuite, the comprehensive social media management platform, was the first of its kind, and serves multiple useful purposes within the social media world. It’s scheduling feature, probably most relevant to this here article, can help with your constant posting breaks from life in that it will send out posts for you, on the accounts you so choose, at the time of day you so choose.


It provides a tutorial for this feature, (along with all of its other helpful features), and will aid you with scheduling a variety of posts. For a business or person who feels that social media accounts run them, versus the opposite, Hootsuite would be a wonderful service for you to look into. For the social media obsessed, the social media managers, and the slaves to its endless fascination, Hootsuite is a good choice.

And sorry to be seemingly singing its praises, but i’d love to share my social media savvy student secret.

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