Regulating Your Online Presence

In the world of social media making your presence known and getting your foot in the influencer door can be a hard task.  The whole process is very time consuming and can be frustrating in the beginning but this is also super important for your small business!

Strategic Revolution Digital IDYour online presence is the online identity you have created for your brand and introducing people to this identity is one of the toughest challenges in the social media world and unfortunately does not happen overnight. If this is something you haven’t even thought about, then you need to start NOW!

What kind of information are people finding when googling your company name. That information is the essence of your online presence and it is up to you to regulate and update this information so your customer or potential customers are always informed and aware. Brand reputation is very important. If you get bad press or provide service, people will see this when they are looking for you and looks very bad for your business unless you do something about it.

In the past people used the telephone method to relay information. The old customer service saying was “If you were happy you would tell five people but if you were upset you would tell 10.” These days that is completely irrelevant with the entire world able to see your complaint or compliment with a simple google search and click of the button.

The most important thing you can do to regulate and create your presence online is to make yourself the source of information for your brand! Provide people with interesting content, live updates, contests and engagement. If they had a bad experience contact them to make it right, If they had a good experience, thank them for coming.

You are the master of your brand, own it, regulate it and engage with it!