Restaurant Marketing VS. Branding

Do you know the difference?

Branding is the overall strategy and set of beliefs that defines your restaurant in the hearts and minds of your community.  

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Marketing is the daily work you do to get your restaurant in front of the community at large. This can include the tasks related to social media, advertising, community outreach, press, direct mail, and more.

What is your restaurant’s branding?  

How does the community view your food (fancy, comfortable food)?  How do they perceive the atmosphere of your restaurant (upscale, relaxed, pub, quick serve)?  It is important to understand what the community believes about your restaurant in order to build an intelligent branding strategy to earn customer loyalty that will keep them coming back week after week for years to come.

What is your restaurant’s marketing?

How do your find new guests in your community (flyers, email blasts, social media, press, radio, tv, direct mail, community outreach, local events)?  How does the community, at large, view your marketing strategy?  Are you sending bus boys out with door hangers?  Are you hosting charitable events quarterly?  Are you leveraging your social media to deliver new guests daily?

What have we learned?

Most restaurant owners spend a lot of time building restaurant branding with respect to logo, menu look and feel, decor, bar layout, kitchen (open or closed), colors and more.  They give very little thought to how the marketing the restaurant will impact the branding or the restaurant.  Our clients are pleasantly surprised when we help them integrate both pieces of the puzzle – the results are explosive.  More revenue with less investment in marketing.  Focused restaurant marketing delivers results day in and day out.

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What should you do?

  1. Sit down and look at the restaurant, really take a look.  Does it look clean and fresh? Does it look like you envisioned before your opened?  Come up with a list of three things you can do to improve the look of the restaurant such as clean the mirrors better, clean up the clutter at the hostess stand or maybe paint the restaurant.
  2. Now execute on all three items
  3. Next invite 2-5 trusted friends or even better business people related to your business.  Ask them to give you a list of three things you could do to improve the look of your restaurant.  Are they similar to your items? What did they see that you didn’t?
  4. If you agree with those items fix them ASAP
  5. NOW you can begin marketing the restaurant to the community.  No sense in driving new guests into a tired place – be proud – be visible.
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