Restaurants need Social Media Strategy

Restaurants need Social Media Strategy

With social media you have the ability to check in at places, upload photos in a matter of seconds and let everyone know your status, whether good or bad.  A lot of restaurants use this as an advantage but most restaurant owners do not enjoy their food being posted on social media, in fact some places refuse to allow customers to take photos of the food. By not letting people take part in “foodstagramming” this may make people not come back because it is not a very welcoming feeling. I think that these owners need to take a step back and see the positives of introducing and allowing social media into their restaurant.  Restaurants need social media strategy that works for both the restaurant and its guests.

A huge positive about allowing customers to take photos of your food is that it is basically free advertising. Think about people wanting to take pictures as a compliment. If you present your food and the first thing someone wants to do is take a photo of it then you should embrace that feeling, this means you are doing something right. Most people are not going to take a picture if the food does not look good. More often than not when someone posts a photo of delicious looking food a lot of people comment on it and end up wanting to try it for them self.

65aa315d070c8d0004472f22_150_facebookOther things owners need is an active and engaging Facebook fan page, that way if someone comes to your restaurant and likes it they can go online and “like” your page and check-in. The more people that like you the more people will see that and consider trying out your restaurant. By managing the account on a daily basis you can put on anything you want regarding your restaurant. You can put promos or specials you may have running and ask for feedback on new things people may be interested in trying.

Using social media will help promote your business and make it grow.

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