Small Business Social Media Marketing

Why Small Business Fails at Social Media Marketing

Small Business Social Media Marketing

Social-media-for-businessThere is no doubt that social media marketing is a particularly effective and powerful tool for small businesses. The proof is all around. Many small business owners have learned how to master the art of social media promotions, had their company ‘go viral’, and achieved a level of profitability they would have never otherwise experienced. Such reports of significant customer and sales gains is what has inspired many other small businesses to utilize what this form of promotions has to offer. Yet, many people fail at social media marketing and the reasons why are no mystery. Read on to discover what the stumbling blocks are and how to avoid them.

One of the greatest qualities needed in the management of a small business is:  organization. This is a quality that must permeate every part of running the company. Many owners have a good handle on this art, but still fail in certain areas. Social media just happens to be a major challenge in for organizational skills. Not, that the strategy itself requires a level of organization that the majority of small business owner cannot handle, but when added onto all of the other responsibilities that must be managed, this is one item on the to-do list that gets put on the back burner. Many of the tasks a business owner must handle appear of greater importance than tweeting or hanging out on Facebook, but the truth is that when this is left undone, the business ends up missing out on a lot.

SocialROISome owners respond by doing just a little social media marketing here and there. They may set up an account and make a few posts, but then the account might sit untouched for weeks or even months. Later on, they come back again and repeat the process only to wonder why they are not getting the response from this marketing that others do. The problem here is a simple issue of inconsistency. Social media is not a ‘sit it and forget it’ type of tool. Small business owners must realize that through social media they are creating relationships with real people; real potential customers. Just as customer service is a quality that can make or break a business, so to can their attitude toward social media.

To make great gains through social media, business owners and representatives must be actively present on these sites on a regular basis. It is alright to let a day slip by without logging in and making posts, but not a few weeks and definitely not a few months! The business should be kept fresh on the minds of those in the target market.

Potential customers need to come to feel like they have a good relationship with the brand. This can be achieved by following up on customer inquiries quickly, and not only posting discounts and offers on products and services, but sending out messages to help people become familiar with the company’s personality. A savvy business owner will spend part of the day making comments on things others post Twitter or Facebook, especially if they are not directly related to your business – this shows that you are part of the social community, not a parasite. Let the audience know your values and depth of knowledge.  Social media marketing is a totally different set of skills, this is why smart business owners engage firms or consultants to create/execute & manage the strategy and operations.

Being found in a local search can put a business way ahead of its competition as it not only makes people aware of the business, but puts it in the front of their minds. There are many companies who have been able to double even triple the amount of customers they have thanks to being ranked up in local search results with the help of social media. The time taken to participate in social media is never a waste. It can prove to be the best spent minutes of the day. 

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