So.Cl. Microsoft’s Way Of Being Social.

So.Cl is a social networking site created to be used with Facebook, not as a replacement to Facebook, like originally thought. At the moment, So.Cl is being used by students studying social media at the University of Washington, Syracuse University, and New York University. Microsoft is hoping to extend So.Cl to other schools in the near future. Which, is actually similar to how Facebook began. Students are able to post photos, video and text and share those posts with others. They also can seek out students with similar interests and build communities around specific educational goals. Microsoft hopes that this tool can help educate social media students how to communicate and interact in different ways. At the moment, the only difference between what’s already out there and So.Cl is how you search. Search is powered by Bing and when students search for any given topic, it helps the most popular search go viral. So.Cl networking is interest based, not people based. So.Cl relies on doing what Facebook doesn’t. Facebook lets you connect with people you know, So.Cl hopes to connect you with people you don’t know but want to.
I like to see new ways of networking come up. I just worry that too many companies are trying to jump on the social networking bandwagon without a plan. So.Cl seems more like a Facebook app and not a stand out social networking site. It’s new so there’s still time for it to become distinctive and I hope it does. It would be fun to see a site for social media students to play around with and help spark ideas for what could come.

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