Social Media Account Makeover

Now is a great time to makeover some, (or all), of your social media accounts! We are entering a new season, and it’s the anything goes season. Summer is a time for humor, for professional, for strategic, and for casual content sharing, and social media is very popular during the upcoming months.


A great way to makeover your social media accounts, in general, is to evaluate or reevaluate who you follow! Some may think that social media is more about who follows you, who likes your account, or even what your churning out. But social media sharing is not a one way street! Just as important as what you’re putting out on social media is what you are receiving from it. So take this time to log onto your Facebook or your Twitter and, instead of sharing content, just scroll through and read content from those who you “like” or “follow”. Do you find that you are given interesting or quality content for what you are into? If so, then great! But if not, go through and clean out your account’s following.

Another quick and easy social media makeover you can give your accounts is to update bios, about sections, headlines, etc. I’m sure your  bio still holds some relevance to your position or business, but I can guarantee some things have changed since you last updated it! That being said, it’s important to keep things relevant and recent on social media, and though we put a lot of thought into what we share, we don’t often remember to be strategic about our actual accounts. So head on into that edit section and update now.

More updates will come with another season change, but for now, go give your accounts the above two makeovers and enjoy a fresh social media presence!

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