How Social Media Marketing Helps

social photoSocial Media Marketing is a platform that allows any individual to brand themselves and market their business to the public.  The value of branding through content via social media platforms allows a business to control the message and extend the life of the messaging.  Social media marketing strategy and execution can make or break a business in this day and age. According to Forbes Magazine the “investment in social media is becoming a necessity not a luxury”   So, now that you know where the future is headed, you might have some catching up to do in order to successfully launch that blog, website, or social media platforms that you have been dreaming of making a reality.

There is a term used in the marketing world called “best practices” which when you net it out means that just because a company had success with an idea once, does not mean that if you adopt that same idea, you will be successful as well. Now, you might succeed without branding or marketing, however you are not bringing anything new the table which is whattoday’s customer demands.  If you are a small business who doesn’t have a $10,000 to spend on an ad, using various social media platforms to market your content marketing strategies are the only option.   The Guardian recently published an article on the importance of social media for the small businessesowner 

The beauty of using social media platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. is that you have the opportunity to create  the story and tell it the way you want desire. Your story can literally be a story that you can tell through words, pictures, videos, etc. anything that will get your point across in a unique and entertaining fashion. Every business has a story. Show that story through your marketing ads/campaigns, make it your own and show your personality. That is what social media marketing is, showing your story not telling it, be unique, make your value and expertise known!

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Photo by Sean MacEntee