Social Media Presence | What is it?!

What does social media presence mean? Not really what you think it does I would bet!  It doesn’t refer to your social media accounts being there or not there, (present or absent), but rather how they are [there]. Basically, one’s social media presence refers to how they post and engage on all of their accounts. It refers to how frequently you post, the type of content posted, and the levels of engagement on your social media accounts!

Just as someone who attends class that day is marked as “present”, if you post on a social media account daily, you have  a social media presence. But not so fast! Just because you are posting on social media daily, doesn’t mean you automatically get a gold star.


Similarly, just because someone is in class that day, doesn’t mean they have a good presence, (stay with me here!). If you attend class, but goof off the entire time, laughing, yawning and passing notes, then you would probably be noted as having a bad “classroom presence”. Presence is basically how you are within where you are. See? So present is different than presence, but both coincide when evaluating one’s social media presence.

You not only have to post, but have to post effectively to be cited as having a good social media presence. Examples of having a good social media presence can include posting content daily that is pertinent to your brand, posting with the type of communication and language that best represents your brand, and sharing content that followers of your brand would appreciate!

Now are we getting it?

Lastly, the final part of maintaing a good social media presence is a concept constantly written about in our digital media community- it’s the big E word- engagement. One’s social media presence is always going to be better when the poster is engaging with followers or likers. Just like in conversation, if you ask a person something and they don’t respond, it is seen as rude or standoffish, if you have a social media account where people are constantly sending in questions, if you don’t respond, it’s rude! Engagement, like responding to questions or comments, but also just reaching out to followers or individuals, is a major gauge of a brand’s online presence, whether it is good or bad.

Social media presence can really be judged on the same basis that we would evaluate a person’s presence on: are they there, mentally or literally? Are they acting/speaking in an appropriate and effective way? And are they responding to/generating conversation? Brands, businesses, companies and individuals should all strive to have a social media presence that embodies the above three characteristics, and in a positive way.


More to come in the future about evaluating and improving a social media presence, but for now, just nail the basics!